Pink is a nurturing, playful, and nostalgic color that’s often associated with a feminine feel. Just like blue is associated with feminine traits, pink is for women. The soft lustrous pink signals kindness and compassion. Pink is mainly regarded as burning passion or innocence. Pink in different hues creates a sense of urgency. Also, sometimes it’s related to childishness and immaturity.

I feel on top of the moon whenever I wear pink. I feel it gives me that princess feels that I have always been after. So, if you are looking to uplift your mood by wearing pink dresses, then I know just the place for you. If you have never shopped from Revolve, I want you to check their website today. Revolve has been amazing at coming out with some great collections. For instance, this Megan Mini Dress for $396, will look fabulous on you.  Made from 100% polyester, this dress contains a tulle fabric with floral applique. Pair it with some heels and golden hoops to finish off the look.

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Besides, this piece Revolve has more pieces that you might want to look into.

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