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Pleasured that you are here to have a brief glimpse at my illustrations on my blog about Fashion, Beauty, and Home decor. My name is Suzane Marshal. A native of New York, USA. My goal is to live a Pinterest-worthy life; doing whatever encourages me to live my life to the fullest. Fashion is incomplete without makeup as they both associate incredibly together. I know we have not met in person but my fashion picks and videos will give you a virtual tour of my closet and lifestyle. My idea of fashion is mainly around my comfort and is basic while my make-up is mostly minimalistic, kinda no-makeup makeup look. Being a blogger my home is the place I primarily work from. And I always wanted a place that will retain me to stay motivated and continue influencing you all. Showing the unfiltered me. I did an interior designing course, to lift my knowledge and creativity about home décor. This would even favor my growth, as I will be able to present new inventive ideas and can also try bringing my imagination to life. I will share all my views, references, and preferences regarding all three fashion, make-up, and mainly home décor. Continue stopping by and having a glance at my work. Thank you.

Suzane Marshal
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