A few months back I posted a picture of my living room and everyone was curious about the products. I so thought I to share it with you guys. I purchased most of the products from Wayfair as it’s my go-to place for home plus office furniture as its quality is the best.

Although, when I  bought from Wayfair they did not have any sales at that you are lucky as you guys will find these products at discounted rates.

Finding the perfect furniture that suits your taste and is helpful is difficult but Wayfair has got your dreams to come true.

I have listed below the products which you people are not supposed to miss at any cost and are supposed to add to your home decor bucket list.


It comes with different categories of fabric and every type of material which will make you fall in love with it. I chose to go with REESE FOG a combination of perfect material and perfect design. Customize it as per your taste.


Plain sofas with a blend of print rugs can never go out of style and are old-fashioned. I chose to go with the printed yet classic rug which perfectly matched my sofa and living room theme.


Adding decent light is like adding life to your home. For lighting, I did not want to go for the fancy look but went for the arch floor lamp which made details loveable.


Found a good fancy organizer worth the purchase. I think you guys should check.

You guys can check in other products too and trust me you are going to love every product of it.

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