The main attraction as you enter anyone’s house or somebody visits your place, is invariably the lights glowing and the rugs on the floor.

These items are the main reason I like to make alterations at my place, as soon as, while surfing randomly I come across great options at none other than my favorite brand for home decor WAYFAIR.

It is an online store that gained fame for its authenticity and that is what caught my interest in this brand.

I recently satisfied myself with a proper room for work purposes only and got myself a few items from Wayfair’s rugs and lighting collection that matches my vibe and owns me. Here is a glimpse from my cart

This rug perfectly goes with my color theme and gives that formal vibes for my meeting area.

I placed this rug under my massage chair in the office providing me the comfort I need.

Located it beside my massage chair to aid me if I want to write my content or read anything sitting there. The best feature of it is that it can be remotely controlled.

and this lamp for my laptop table.I am Also giving some more option if you want to check other option.

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