If you have been using old make-up brushes for a long time now, I suggest you throw them out right away. They contain nothing but bacteria and germs that can give you pimples and lots of skin allergies. Shopping for make-up brushes can be difficult especially if you don’t trust the brand, but I bet Sephora has some of the best quality make-up brushes that you shouldn’t miss out on.

For instance, this Deluxe Brush Set from the Sephora collection for $69 is a vegan-free 10-piece brush set providing you with essential tools to complete your makeup look.

2-1 Deluxe Brush Set

Alt-tag: Brush set

If you want a smaller brush kit, then this Strawberries and Cream Vegan Brush Set for $20 is perfect for you. Not only is its strawberry scented but it has bristles that work perfectly to give you a complete makeup look.  The strawberry scent fades with use and cleaning but the set works perfectly.

2-2 Strawberries and Cream Vegan Brush Set

Alt-tag: Brush set

Another brush set that you can buy is this Pro 6-piece brush set from the Sephora collection. Start your PRO Brush collection with these six brushes and a hang-able roll-up brush organizer that is coated for easy cleaning and durability.

2-3 Pro 6-piece brush set

Alt-tag: 6-piece brush set

Check out Sephora’s website today for more exciting deals and offers. Enjoy free shipping by using the product code FREESHIP.

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