We all require some basic tops and tees to step into our workplaces, coffee shops, and gym in style. Whether it’s a casual hangout with your mates or a quick brunch fix with your family, you might be in a dire need of some basic tops. But how about I told you, that instead of going all basic you can add some charm and style to your everyday clothing. I know just the right shop that has the perfect fix for comfy yet stylish clothing.

It is Lulu’s! Hop on over to their website to check out their tops. For instance, this Symbolize Black Sleeveless body suit is something different yet unique. It can be made into a formal yet give off a casual feel at the same time. Available for only $24, it can be dressed in denim jeans or a flowy skirt. Its medium-weight stretch knit keeps this body suit cute and casual so go get it while you still can.

1-1 Symbolize Black Sleeveless body suit

Alt-tag: Black body suit

For those who are feeling bright and cheery, this Feel like dancing yellow crop top is for them. available in a variety of different colors and only for $22, it’s perfect to wear outdoors in the bright sun. It has a V-neck and cropped bodice that’s perfect for pairing with high-waist bottoms.

2-1 Feel like dancing yellow crop top

Alt-tag: Yellow tank top

Lulu’s basics are up for grabs at affordable prices, so hop on over to their website today and enjoy free shipping on orders above $50. Don’t miss out!

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